CHRIS WORSFOLD: The Neck – Clinical Rehabilitation (Heidelberg, 6./7. April 2019 )


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Datum: 6./7. April 2019, Samstag/ Sonntag
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Datum: 6./7. April 2019, Samstag/ Sonntag
Course Flyer:
Health Education Seminars
The Neck: Clinical Rehabilitation
Chris Worsfold
Physiotherapist specialising in Neck Pain
Chris is a full time Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, specialising in neck pain. He set up Kent Neck
Pain Centre in Tonbridge, Kent in 2010. He is a popular and in-demand public speaker and very
regularly presents his work to students, health professionals and lawyers in schools, NHS
Hospitals, private clinics and at national conferences. His latest publication (2014) on an
evidence-based approach to whiplash medico-legal reporting (Journal of Forensic and Legal
Medicine) has been described as ‘unquestionably original’, ‘ground-breaking’ and latterly as ‘very
nice work’ by whiplash authority Robert Ferrari. He has an expert witness medico-legal caseload,
representing the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in Parliament in 2013. He has
also represented the CSP on the Ministry of Justice Whiplash Reform Working Group (2014) –
tasked with reforming the whiplash medico-legal reporting system in England and Wales – and as
a Director of MedCo (2015). He has appeared on BBC1, BBC2, BBC Parliament, BBC Radio 4 and in the national press discussing whiplash injury.
Course Description
Learn how you can integrate the latest, cutting edge assessment and treatment approaches into
your clinical practice from a physiotherapist that specialises in neck pain. „The Neck: Clinical
Rehabilitation“ is a 2 day evidence-based course based upon thirty years extensive clinical and
research experience. You will gain an in depth understanding of the biomechanics, pathology
and evidence-based assessment and rehabilitation of neck pain. Throughout the 2 days there
will be an emphasis on research findings that are directly relevant to you, the practicing clinician.
You can become the neck pain expert in your department!
Reviews from previous courses
“He was probably one of the best speakers I have heard. Professional, informative, relaxed, well
paced, fun, pertinent, clinically-based, practical, conceptual.”
“Brilliant course. Great evidence base”
“Very thorough research presented in a very understandable way. Passionate, accomplished &
comfortable with his subject.”
“Excellent course, it has totally changed my approach”
“He’s a fabulous speaker to listen to and just seemed to clarify and bring together some of those
more difficult clients.”
“Very practical techniques”